What is the i-buy marketplace™?


The i-buy marketplace™ is MHEC’s e-commerce site. It offers members a point-and-click shopping experience where they can search, compare prices, benefit from promotional specials, request a quote, order, and pay — all on one site.

Why did MHEC develop i-buy marketplace™?


Making purchasing simple for our members is an essential part of who we are at MHEC. A survey of our members told us that their purchasing would be simpler if they could search, shop, and transact business all in one place. The i-buy marketplace™ is the MHEC solution to simplify buying products and services on our contracts.

Where can I find the i-buy marketplace™?


Go to mhec.net and click on the i-buy marketplace™ logo at the top left. You can also reach it by clicking on this link.

How do I get credentials so I can use the i-buy marketplace™?


If you already have an mhec.net login, you can access i-buy. If not, go to “Apply for Login” at the top left and follow the instructions. (Or, alternately, you can click here.) On the form is a link you can send colleagues, so they can access the form directly and join you on I-buy marketplace™.

Can anybody use i-buy marketplace™?


Only staff working for our MHEC member organizations (not suppliers) can utilize this platform. NOTE: Member entities can have multiple login credentials to accommodate any number of users.

Our organization already uses a dedicated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Can it connect to i-buy marketplace™?


Yes! i-buy marketplace™ can be easily connected to many popular ERP systems used for procurement including: Tyler Munis, Tyler iVisions, Frontline Teams, Workday Skyward, and others.

For those working with systems such as Coupa, ESM, Jaggaer, UniMarket, and Oracle, members can place any of the i-buy marketplace™ stores directly into those ERPs.

Can i-buy marketplace™ be used to purchase anything on MHEC contracts?


It's possible to request a quote from any of our 50+ contracts, 700+ vetted suppliers, and 25,000 products/services via I-buy, but a supplier needs to have a store on the marketplace for you to make a purchase directly through the online portal. We urge you to contact suppliers directly for custom orders, or for services.

Why do supplier pages look so different from each other?


Page appearance and the ability to transact business will change depending on the supplier’s e-commerce capabilities. Punchout pages temporarily bring you to the supplier’s website to search and place items in a shopping cart, and then return you to the i-buy marketplace™ to complete the transaction.

Do the payments go through MHEC or directly through the supplier?


Payment is direct—member to supplier.

What forms of payment are accepted?


You can use credit card, P-card, or purchase order (PO).

Can I request a quote?


Yes. The Request for Quote option is available on all levels of e-commerce. On the i-buy marketplace™, you can write a single request and choose one or more suppliers to send it to. Their responses will return to the i-buy platform, where you can see a history of RFQ correspondence.

The Request for Quote option is a powerful tool for directly contacting MHEC suppliers for pricing. A targeted approach works best; please be selective in who you contact. For the best results, before reaching out, determine first whether a supplier offers the product or service.

DIVERSITY: Does i-buy marketplace™ support diverse, small, and SDO suppliers?


Yes. On the i-buy marketplace™ homepage, select any of the product and service categories. On the resulting page, select the filter “All Classifications” and click the boxes to choose classifications to view.

SECURITY: Is the i-buy site secure?


The i-buy marketplace™ is powered by EqualLevel, a 100% cloud-based solution utilizing Amazon's high performance ECS Container Instances Service. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the primary security framework for EqualLevel.

SUPPORT: Is instruction available and how can I get assistance with i-buy marketplace™?


A good place to start is with our tutorial video, or look at our simple steps document.

For more detailed questions, see the other FAQ questions lower down on this list. There is more general information about MHEC in our Membership Brochure.

Additionally, you can contact our director of business operations, Judy Thornton, directly via: