MHEC works with cities and towns across New England to make purchasing simpler and more affordable.

Our portfolio of contracts includes something for every department working to keep New England towns running. From general purpose contracts—such as office supplies or event equipment rentals—to contracts specifically designed to support DPW, police, and fire departments. Some of these include:

  • Facilities: Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) (G19)
  • Copiers, Record Management, and Software Solutions (F07)
  • Fire/Security/Emergency Communications (E05)

MHEC writes and maintains our own contracts. Each is created through a public, fair, open, and competitive bidding process that complies with the statutes of the Massachusetts procurement laws. Our strategic sourcing managers follow a rigorous process that serves as a baseline that works within all six New England states. This enables all of our members to confidently purchase from MHEC vetted suppliers with our ready-to-use contracts, avoiding an often time-consuming bidding process.

To learn more about how to take advantage of all MHEC has to offer, please see our page, “How to use our contracts.”


Organizations can apply for membership for free by submitting an application. Once approved, staff from member organizations can then apply for a website login to access our full website. Membership and a website login will give you access to:

  • our contract search tool for reviewing every detail of our contracts
  • i-buy marketplace™ our web-based shopping tool
  • 1st Monday, our monthly member news digest