Who we are and What we do

MHEC is a non-profit group purchasing organization (GPO) established under Massachusetts State Law (Ch. 15A, € 24A) in 1977. Our mission is to save member organizations time and money by aggregating the purchasing power of non-profit member organizations and negotiating discounts from suppliers on products and services most requested by our members.

MHEC members have access to competitive pricing for library supplies, technology hardware and software, furniture (protective barriers), athletic supplies and equipment, cleaning services and supplies, office supplies, signage, multi-media, graduation attire and accessories, flooring, medical (PPE), laboratory, security, promotional products and more.

Our member organizations save an average of 35% on products and services through MHEC contracts. All of our contracts are publicly bid and feature over 700+ suppliers. MHEC can save your organization both time and money!

Organizations Eligible for Membership

Membership is FREE for not-for-profit colleges/universities, public, private and charter schools, technical and vocational schools, municipalities, including elementary and secondary schools, libraries, museums, housing authorities, and educational organizations throughout New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island).

Is My Organization a Member?

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Online Access to Contracts and the i-buy marketplaceTM

Only members can access the top menu of our website. An approved applicant for membership will receive log-in credentials once their membership is approved. Additional members of the approved organization may also apply for log-in credentials to purchase from the i-buy marketplaceTM, view our contract landing pages, use our search tool, and have access to other resources. Register for log-in credentials.

Please review eligibility requirements before filling out our application and check our member organization list (link) to see if your organization is already a member. If you are a supplier and interested in learning how to become a Valued MHEC Supply Partner, learn more

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On behalf of the joining organization, I hereby acknowledge MHEC Cooperative Purchasing Agreement: The use of said contracts shall remain the option of the individual member school, however, it is clearly understood that all purchases made and/or purchase orders issued, shall be done in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of the respective published consortium contract and as agreed to between MHEC and the appropriate vendor. Each educational institution shall accept sole responsibility for all payments, debts and liabilities due the vendor for its share of such purchases. Each applicant for membership in MHEC is reminded that they are responsible for reviewing and complying with all laws and regulations that may affect their membership. Public records of all bids, contract agreements, awards and correspondence shall remain on file for member inspection at the administrative office of MHEC.

The joining member hereby authorizes the MHEC to establish consortium purchasing agreements and list the institution as a member.