Application to access MHEC Contracts as a participant in SpecConnect.

Access to our contracts, search tools, information, and contract landing pages is free for specifiers such as architects, designers, and owner project managers in order to find products on contract for their MHEC member clients once they have applied for SpecConnect and been approved. All applications are screened to ensure the applying organization meets the criteria for the type of access they are requesting. SpecConnect is for architects, designers, specifiers, and owner project managers. Visit our about page to learn more about the access criteria.

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On behalf of the joining organization, I hereby acknowledge the MHEC purchasing agreement: The use of said contracts shall remain the option of the individual member institution. However, it is clearly understood that all purchases made and/or purchase orders issued, shall be done in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of the respective published consortium contract and as agreed to between MHEC and the appropriate supplier. Each institution shall accept sole responsibility for all payments, debts and liabilities due the supplier for its share of such purchases. Each MHEC applicant is responsible for reviewing and complying with all laws and regulations that may affect their participation. Public records of all bids, contract agreements, awards and correspondence shall remain on file for inspection at the administrative office of MHEC.

The joining applicant hereby authorizes the MHEC to establish consortium purchasing agreements and list the institution as a participant.